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    This place is AMAZING!
    Jeux amusants, bon scénarios et très belle équipe!
    Loved it!! Un gros MERCI.
    Super belle expérience!
    It was really fun! Thanks for a great time!
    Awesome reception, game has very different aspects...
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    Enjoy the Most Immersive
    scenarios at Find The Key
    Haunted PIRATE SHIP
    Other to come
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    We are Find The Key
    100% IMMERSIVE


We are an "ESCAPE ROOM". The idea is simple. You and your teammates are locked in a room.You need to find your way out by solving puzzles and using logic. You have less than an hour to do so.

This is the best activity to do indoors with your friends, work colleagues or family. The nature of the game works perfectly for anybody and everybody because it requires little physical effort and lots of logic, problem solving, brainstorming and communication skills. An escape room is a perfect way to have lots of fun, give yourselves a real challenge, build up relationships between team members, or even celebrate someone in an original way.


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Escape a twisted mind of a little girl trapped between two worlds


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  • Duration: 45 to 55 minutes (depending on chosen serum)
  • Players: 2 to 6
  • Regular Price: 25$
  • Limits: None
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate 

Dr Morgan's Log:

It’s been more than 10 years since subject 11 closed the gateway to the other dimension. We have been trying desperately to find another one like her [,,,]

[,,,] Subject 53:  From a young age, this orphan girl showed a lot of potential. She seems to instinctively adapt to all our learning tests and absorb all the knowledge she is exposed to like no other before her. Could she be the one?

[,,,] Leaping experiments:  We can now confirm that Subject 53 is able to access the other dimension with her mind. She was able to provide valid information from the other world. We will continue the experiments until the final objective: a bi-dimensional gateway.

[,,,] The accident:  The last experiment proved to be too much for Subject 53. She spent too much time on the other side. She fell into a deep comma. Her vital signs are low, however she is experiencing intense brain activity, which makes us believe that her mind might be trapped in the other dimension.

[,,,]​ Objective:  We will immerse into her mind and try to bring her back. It is a journey nobody ever tried… Do you dare?

Construction Complexity - 80%

Puzzle Complexity - 90%

Puzzle Interactivity (touch, move, push, pull objects) - 100%

Immersion level (sound, lights, props, etc.) - 100%

Success Rate ( without hints) - 3%

Success Rate (with hints) - 15%

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Escape from a dark cabin in the dark woods with a dark secret.


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  • Duration: 45 to 55 minutes (depending on chosen serum)
  • Players: 2 to 6
  • Regular Price: 25$
  • Limits: Participants should be 12 years old or older. (suggested)
  • Difficulty Level: This scenario may require jumping, climbing or crawling.

It all started like the adventure of our life. This forest is known as being haunted... what better place to spend Halloween? Everything was going well... all gathered around the fire telling scary stories and eating marshmallows...
Until, out of nowhere, a storm broke loose. The rain was falling down so badly that we could barely see anything. A voice suddenly broke through the storm... "In here, hurry!" he said.
We followed the voice to a small cave in the mountain where an old man had shelter. But not all of us made it to safety. Two of our friends got lost in the storm.
The old man offered us some warm tea and dry blankets. Around the fire, he told us about this old cabin close by, that used to be the house of a woman whose parents were accused of witchcraft. Now the place is empty, but many say it's haunted by evil spirits. Many people have disappeared, never to be found in this forest.
If our friends are still out there, that could be the first place to start searching... maybe they found shelter at the old cabin...

Construction Complexity - 100%

Puzzle Complexity - 90%

Puzzle Interactivity (touch, move, push, pull objects) - 80%

Immersion level (sound, lights, props, etc.) - 100%

Success Rate ( without hints) - 3%

Success Rate (with hints) - 20%

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Explore a real pirate ship and find a long lost treasure.


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  • Duration: 45 to 55 minutes (depending on chosen serum)
  • Players: 3 to 8
  • Regular Price: 25$
  • Limits: none
  • Difficulty Level: This scenario may require jumping, climbing or crawling. 

The Island. 31st October 2015. 


During the demolishing of one of the oldest buildings on the island, something really astonishing came to light. An old shipwreck was buried under this building for more than 200 years. "Medusa" was the pirate ship belonging to Bernardin Nageon de L'Estang, nicknamed le Butin. "Le Butin" was his whole life obsessed with finding the legendary treasure of one of the most famous pirates of all times called "La Buse" (Olivier Levasseur).

Legend has it, before "La Buse" was publicly hanged for his piracy crimes, he threw his necklace in the crowd while exclaiming: "Find my treasure, the one who may understand it!". The necklace was containing a cryptogram of 17 lines, which drove "Le Butin" insane trying to decipher it.

70 years after "La Buse"'s execution, "Le Butin" claimed in a letter sent to his brother, that he finally cracked the coded message and he is going to collect the treasure of "La Buse". That was the last anybody had heard of him. Many say that the treasure was cursed and "Le Butin" fell as one of its victims.

The secret might still be on the shipwreck, IF YOU DARE… try to Find it.

(This short story is a work of fiction inspired by historical events.)

Construction Complexity - 100%

Puzzle Complexity - 90%

Puzzle Interactivity (touch, move, push, pull objects) - 25%

Immersion level (sound, lights, props, etc.) - 100%

Success Rate ( without hints) - 3%

Success Rate (with hints) - 12%

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We are proud to call ourselves one of the best Escape Rooms in Montreal, and not without reason(s)...

Word from the owner:

"It was in 2014 when I played an escape room for the first time. I fell in love instantly. That's when I decided to open the first Escape Room in Montreal.

It was an opportunity of a lifetime to showcase my talent and creativity that people said my whole life I have. I put together a small team of enthusiasts and started building the first 2 scenarios. I was still working my regular day job when we opened to the public in October 2014.

We had a lot of setbacks since then, but our passion and client's support helped us not only surpass the problems but becoming better. Today I can say without a doubt that Find The Key is one of the best escape rooms in Montreal, with an unequaled level of immersion and puzzle complexity.

I thank my team for their hard work and dedication, also my clients for their support and drive.


Read about...

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We are committed to delivering the most intense, immersive and memorable experience an escape room could provide. We are constantly listening to our client's suggestions and push ourselves to become better and better. We will not stop.

We want to become the first thing everybody will be thinking when talking about Escape Rooms in Montreal.

Find The Key was born out of passion, and we want to keep it that way.

Our Team is dynamic and dedicated. We are determined to offer everyone the best experience they could have. The team at Find The Key is really like a big family. We help each other and we build together. This is the key to our success


Our Rooms are custom made and 100% original and authentic. We take pride in the fact that our scenarios are unique in the world. The puzzles are surprising and unexpected, because they are created specifically for these rooms. Every room is completely different therefore the experience unique

Located no more than 10 minutes away from Berri-UQAM metro station (or 7 minutes from Beaudry metro station), Find The Key is the perfect location if you want to spend more time in Downtown or Old Port. Easy to access with lots of in street parking available

With a capacity of 42 participants per hour, Find The Key is able to host all kinds of events starting from Corporative Team Buildings, to Birthday Parties, Day Camp activities, Bachelor/ette Parties, etc.

In addition to the regular Escape Room experience, we are offering our clients the power to choose, to control their game. We have an original and unique game concept that will let the players choose a serum that will give them a special power to help them throughout their adventure

  • Red Serum - The power to freeze time. If chosen, this serum gives the participants up to 10 extra minutes, extending the gameplay to 55 minutes.


  • Green Serum - The power of knowledge. If chosen, this serum gives the participants an extra hint that can save them a lot of time.


  • Blue Serum - The power of vision. Using the latest in Virtual Reality technology, we are offering the participants a peek inside the room at a key moment in time. This option can give the players hints or story details that will help them advance faster.

Special Events

With a capacity of 42 participants per hour, Find The Key can host a wide range of special events. CONTACT US FOR MORE DETAILS

Team Buildings

For corporate events and Team Buildings, we are offering an advantageous packages, including rebates and extra activities.

Contact us for more details

Birthday Parties

Escape Room is a fun and original way to celebrate anyone regardless of age. Teenagers or Seniors, everybody can have a good time.

Birthday boy or girl has free entrance.

Daycamps / School groups

The young can benefit greatly from an escape room experience, learning about historical facts, physics and solving logical puzzles while having fun and compete witch each other.

Bachelor/ette Parties

The lucky guy or girl has free entrance to take on the challenge.



We like to keep in touch with our friends. We are constantly posting articles fun facts and funny stories.

10 Tips to Beat an Escape Room

BEAT ANY ESCAPE ROOM- 10 proven tricks and tips

Mark Rober spoke with game des

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Jeune adepte des phénomènes paranormaux disparait après avoir construit un JEU D'ÉVASION

  Brunos Borges , alien and alchimist enthousiast has been reported vanished by his family on march 27th.

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Here are some feedback from customers who tried Find the Key escape rooms

''Awesome reception, game has very different aspects compared to other "escape the room" places ! The staff not only get into the role but they aim to ensure the clients are satisfied with their experience, we will definitely be back!!''

Tom Samaha - Local Customer



''It was a very friendly staff, we had a wonderful time and would love to visit again if ever in town again :)''

Tom Schneider - Visitor Customer


''This place is AMAZING! The activity was so much fun! We were anxious at first, because we weren't really sure how things would go in the room, but once you get into the hang of things and understand the concept of the clues, it gets very interesting and the adrenaline kicks in! 45 minutes goes by so fast, but it's really worth the money and time. Plus, the staff is so kind and lively. They are very interactive and funny. I had an amazing experience there with my friends, and plan on going back for the other scenarios! :D <3 Thanks Find The Key Team!!!!''

Briana Bacciaglia - Local Customer



''Awesome activity for teambuilding event. The gameplay improve communication, teamwork and creativity.I would reccommend this type of activity for any other companies for their teambuilding event. Thank again for your professionnal and awesome service !''

Sasha Gosbert - Ubisoft Coordinator



Do you have a question? Or do you need support for booking or choosing the right scenario for you? Don't worry, we are here to help. Please use contact form below for support, feedbacks and so much more.



1000 Rue Amherst, suite 101, Montréal (QC) H2L 3K5

Phone Number

(438) 870-9410 


Do you have a question, a suggestion, or just a feedback? Our team would be happy to look into it.